Why Get Certified

A pharmacy technician certification could be crucial to your career!

There are many benefits and advantages of becoming a certified pharmacy technician. Some are monetary and some are not and some states require certification.

  • Higher Salary- According to the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, pharmacy technicians certified by PTCB report higher earnings and more promotion opportunities than non-certified pharmacy technicians.
  • Greater Marketability- When applying for jobs and promotions, employers may favor a certified pharmacy technician vs a non-certified technician. Having that extra credential on your resume may help you stand out amongst other applicants.
  • Proves Proficiency- To become certified requires passing a certification exam. When employers see that you have earned a certification, they automatically know that you possess the skills required to accurately perform the job as a pharmacy technician.
  • May be Required- Not all states require pharmacy technicians to be certified. Each state has its own requirements. You can check your state's requirements on the State Requirements page.

The best way to prepare for a certification exam is training.