How to become a pharmacy technician

Qualifications for pharmacy technicians vary by state. Some states require that you go through certain approved schools for training, on-the-job training, registering with the state board, obtaining PTCB certification, all of these, a combination of these, or no licensure regulations at all. So it is very important to check your state board of pharmacy requirements.

Pharmacy technicians must to have great attention to detail. Pharmacy technicians need to make sure that the correct prescription and the correct number of pills needs are given to the patient. A mix up could potentially be deadly. That is why attention to detail is so important.

Pharmacy technicians should have good customer service skills. Working with customers/patients is a big portion of the pharmacy technician job. Technicians will also need to have good computer skills. Prescriptions can be received electronically, customer data and insurance information are stored in computer systems, and payment information will need to be processed; all through a computer. Basic computer skills will be required.